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Welcome to Sun LDAP Guru

Welcome to Sun LDAP Guru, the BEST web site for help, training and consulting advise on the Netscape Directory Server, aka iPlanet Directory Server, aka Sun / Netscape Alliance Directory Server, aka Sun Directory Server and now finally known as the Sun / Oracle Directory Server. Our mission is real simple: Train and Evangelize the Sun Directory Server to as many people as we possibly can AROUND the world! We are VERY passionate about the Sun Directory Server and we are ALL former Netscape / iPlanet or Sun Engineers / Professional Services Employees.

Our Focus

We focus on training, consulting and hosting solutions around Sun Directrory Server and Open DS! We are a team of highly OBSESSED LDAP individuals and have over 150 years of combined Directory Server / LDAP knowledge amongst ourselves. We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Hindi.



Looking to get trained on Sun Directory Server 5, 6, 7, Open DS, Oracle Directory Server or Oracle Internet Directory?
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Consulting / Hosting


Need help installing, configuring, sizing or even upgrading your Directory Server? Call us, we're the EXPERTS! We are ALL former Netscape / Sun employees!

We Are Sun Certified

Sun LDAP Certified

We are Sun Directory Server Certified!